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Graham Cochrane –

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and performer based out of Tampa, FL. He provides remote recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services to clients worldwide through his service Mobile Studio Plus.

After studying recording and music production in college, Graham went on to be a lowly engineer in a $5 million studio, do sound design for a Fortune 500 software company, and has since become a freelance producer and consultant.

Also, as the founder of Graham’s articles and video tutorials have been featured worldwide by Avid, Presonus, Editors Keys, and Behringer to name a few.


Joe Gilder –

Joe runs the popular recording website, where he shares a constant stream of content designed to help home studio recordists make better recordings.

Joe also studied recording technology in college. He worked for several years at Sweetwater Sound as a sales engineer before moving back to Nashville, TN, to dive back into more studio/music work. Joe does engineering, producing, mixing, mastering, and also studio work as a singer/guitarist.

You can check out his music at

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    1. There are a bajillion different pieces of software. No offense to any that weren’t mentioned. I’d never heard of Reaper at the time of writing this article (3 years ago)

  1. The Imac comes with Garage Band. Is the money I would be spending to buy Pro Tools LE worth it? Basically the question is this. Am I really getting more out of Pro Tools LE that I can’t get with Garage Band

    1. Pro Tools DOES have more features, but if you’re just starting out, you might not really notice a difference until you get some experience.
      Also, check out Presonus Studio One. You can get it for free (the artist version) when you buy one of their interfaces. Very cool. I’ve been using it a lot.

    2. I’ve progressed from GarageBand to Logic Pro and very happy with that but I spent a good few years working with GarageBand before upgrading, partly because of money but partly because I really wanted to understand the limitations of it before moving onto something better. having grown up with 4-track tape recorders and 8-track digi recorders, GB was way advanced. the limitations I found were mainly to do with automation, but learning ways to get round that problem improved me as a producer. upgrading the Logic Pro meant I was able to load up all my old GB files and see how Logic organised them. I’d say if you’re recording live instruments, GarageBand is capable of anything you need it to do, if you’re into creating dance music, e.g dubstep, playing around with side-chain effects you need something bigger but I strongly recomend you test GarageBand to breaking point before you upgrade. this helps you decide which system and which version is right for you

    3. I’ve mixed songs that I’m very happy with in GarageBand, and guys have recorded entire albums in it as well.
      It is, however, really limited, and I would recommend getting something a little more powerful, like Pro Tools or Studio One. Check out the free version of Studio One, it has everything you need to get started.

  2. I use Mixcraft 6, which is for PC only. From what I’ve read, every version has taken a big leap forward and it’s now receiving a lot of praise for it’s intuitive interface and features. The developers, Acoustica, have a motto: “Software should be easy to use”, and Mixcraft definitely lives up to this. Another big plus is that their developers are on call for most of the time on their forum, and I’ve found that replies come from either them or other users in a lot less than 24 hours. It’s reasonably priced and is fully workable as a trial for (I think) a month, after which time it’s still usable, but mix-down is disabled until a registration code is bought.

  3. Workflow is everything.
    I hopped from FL Studio, Reaper, and finally settled on Studio One. Nothing wrong with the other software (they’re both great), but Studio One is best for the way I like to work. For someone else, it might be totally counter-intuitive.

  4. Reaper is not free. It just doesn’t lock you out of the program, but if you use it for longer than 60 days without paying, you are in violation of the terms, and it is illegal usage.

    Just saying, but the program is only 60 bucks, so ever audio engineer should own a copy.

  5. If you are hearing a difference, it is because of something along the digital monitoring chain, and not the DAW. Audio from Pro-tools and Reaper null every time they are tested, as long as pand and levels are matched. Could be your DAC even.

    Something in digital domain can affect the monitor chain but would still null with output of other DAWs.

    But I can assure you there is no difference between the reaper and protools audio output.

  6. You’ll probably get to it when you talk about your interface, but so many interfaces come with fully-functional (if somewhat trimmed down) DAWs. I started out with the software that came with my interface and dug right in.

    1. Yup, that’s how I got Studio One, it came with my AudioBox USB (a great little interface, by the way). I know the Avid interfaces come with Pro Tools, and there are probably others. ‘Tis a great deal.

      1. I had bought an AudioBox USB when my Mbox 2 Mini croaked (primarily because I heard S1 was really cool, but also because I knew it would work with PT9 if I didn’t like S1), and I could hear a constant loud buzzing on every track I recorded. Thought it might have been the cable I was using, but the buzzing was present when nothing was plugged in, even. Took it back to Guitar center and got a VSL22 instead because they were out of AudioBox interfaces. Also a great interface. S1 is kind of neat, but I’d rather just stick to what I know.

        1. You must have gotten a bad one, or something, because mine doesn’t do that.

          “S1 is kind of neat, but I’d rather just stick to what I know.”

          Yup, good call, I agree. 🙂

          But, this is the internet, so I’m supposed to say something like this:

          “U R AN IDIOT S1 IS THE BEST HATER!!!!!!!!!!1”


          1. NO YUO!!!!!!!! lol 😉
            Yeah I figured mine was just a bad one, but since GC was out of ones to swap me for, I upgraded to the VSL22. The only difference from what I can tell is supposedly the preamps are better, but otherwise they look identical. Love it, though, they make some nice hardware

  7. Two enthusiastic thumbs up (who know’s who said that?) for Studio One. Fast workflow, drag and drop, and simply the best customer service on the planet. Rick Naqvi and the rest of the people at Presonus are the real deal.

  8. great vids, to the point. I was so flip flop about what to use. This really helped me. I was looking at the audio interfaces like mbox, presonus, Focusrite etc now I’m just focused on what look best 😉

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