Episode #2 – 4 Home Recording Myths

In this episode, Graham debunks 4 common home recording myths, and Joe shares a quick tip for how to get the kick and bass to play nicely in a mix.

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One thought on “Episode #2 – 4 Home Recording Myths”

  1. So true about putting the sweat into it, and not just relying on the level of your equipment! I’m not being unrealistic about this, but I had to tell you: I recorded vocals on my IPHONE MIC in a pinch and sent them on to my partner who’s absolutely a recording pro – and he never knew it wasn’t my studio vocal mic at home. It doesn’t necessarily mean it was perfect, but it was obviously at a level good enough to pass and end up being mixed, mastered, and put to use…. On a side note, he had to be a little perturbed at me when I told him the truth, but all in all, he thought it was hilarious and amazing. I’ve since done it again and again to send small pieces that need correcting or voice overs in my other job.

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