Episode #52 – Virtual Drummers & Sample Replacement: Is It Cheating?


In this episode, we discuss virtual drum software and sample replacement. Is it cheating? And in the Quick Tip, Joe shares a powerful free mixing resource that you don’t want to miss out on.

Links from the show:

Links from the show:

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3 thoughts on “Episode #52 – Virtual Drummers & Sample Replacement: Is It Cheating?”

  1. You guys were taking about room mics in the podcast… I frequently record live drums in my space, which is a small, dead room. I never record w room mics because of this, but I’ve had really good success using the remic mode of the UAD ocean way plugin. Not sure if you guys are hip to it, it’s expensive and you gotta have the uad HW, but I don’t know another reverb plugin that does what this does. I’ve good a great room sound out of my little space.

  2. What is your take on Logic Pro x and that drummer program? I relied on ezdrummer/superior for a long time, but once I got Logic and started to play around with the drummer I have found some real success. It has its limitations, but overall it can be really helpful to realistic sounding grooves. I do prefer to run Logic’s drummer through Superior, basically because I like one of the kits a lot. There are many ways to make drums happen, it just depends on how you feel about going about it. I would prefer a live drummer in many cases, but I am limited in resources. Then again, I always come back to the fact that too many options actually take away from making good decisions. Great discussion guys!

  3. Guys, I’m so glad you took time to validate virtual drum software. That really helped me a lot! I have a drummer I play with at church, but don’t have the space in my little home studio to record a full kit. Hope to get EZ Drummer in my arsenal by next year. Got much music to do. Thanks, and I will be subscribing to the podcast.

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