Episode #48 – Our Old Mixes Exposed (And Why They Sucked)


SRP 48 (4)

In this episode, we break out our time machine and play some of our very first mixes for you. Why? Because it’s important that you realize everyone sounds terrible when the first start out. Come laugh with us (or at us, if you like).

In the Quick Tip, Joe shares how he accidentally discovered a new way to get clients for his studio.

As always, this episode brought you by Dueling Mixes, the best mixing training on the web.

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One thought on “Episode #48 – Our Old Mixes Exposed (And Why They Sucked)”

  1. LOL. Great motivation to keep recording and mixing. Definitely has that 90’s rock groove. But on a honest not joking note lol, I could here Scott Stapp singing that. Let Mark Tremonti rock those guitars and Scott Phillips kick those drums and you have a song for a Creed album sir.

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