Episode #46 – How To Turn Your Studio Into A Mobile Recording Business

SRP 46In this episode, Joe interviews Graham about his adventures in mobile recording. We cover everything from how he booked gigs to how he prepared for the session and how he traveled with all that gear…and how you can too.

In the Quick Tip, Joe talks about a recent obsession, and how it can get you out of a recording rut…

As always, this episode brought you by Dueling Mixes, the best mixing training on the web.

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Graham Cochrane – www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
Joe Gilder – www.HomeStudioCorner.com

6 thoughts on “Episode #46 – How To Turn Your Studio Into A Mobile Recording Business”

  1. Thanks guys for the pod cast, spot on.

    I wonder if you might be interested to expand into the subject, particularly on live mobile recording, I would love to hear your opinion, practical tips, and share your experience. Miking techniques, maximum possible isolation, monitoring, recording, mixing for live. I am doing this already, the learning curve is steep and finding related advice proved to be very hard. Any advice is much appreciated, if it comes in the form of such pod cast, I am sure it is going to help me, and surely others
    Thank you

  2. Loved this guys! I’m looking for away to to do music full-time. Tried it as a full-time musician a while ago but it didn’t work out… the band came very close but just didn’t work out. Anyway, I’m inspired again but this time it’s all down to me. I loved your story Graham… I’ve been following you for years and I never heard this before. You have given me a lot to think about. ☺ ♫♪♫

    Thanks guys!

  3. Hey guys. Great podcast. I am thinking of doing this because I can’t do studio recordings for others at home. I just want to ask a question to Graham.

    The biggest fear I have with this is ending up with a particularly fishy client. Did you ever feel afraid to go record at a client’s place?

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