Episode #45 – The Most Misunderstood Secret To Great Mixing

The Most Misunderstood Secret To Great Mixing (1)

In this episode, we talk about one of the most overlooked and misunderstood keys to cranking out great mixes. In the Quick Tip, Graham shows you a way to improve your mix in five minutes with only one plugin.

As always, this episode brought you by Dueling Mixes, the best mixing training on the web.


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7 thoughts on “Episode #45 – The Most Misunderstood Secret To Great Mixing”

  1. The basic,the simple it´s always the better like in a house the fundation thank you for remaind it Jorge from Monterrey Mexico

  2. Tom G

    The other day I stumbled on something that really made a difference on a mix I was working on. I soloed the vocal bus and the drum buss – made their volumes about equal- (that sweet spot where they sounded good together). Next I brought up the bass to where it was in the mix but not overpowering- and finally brought up the volume on the guitar buss. In that order- I have to say made a big difference for me. Seems there’s always a volume battle going on and the guitar always wins because with rock music you would think that is the case- but usually it’s too loud and then you have to fight with the other instruments. I think the placement or panning of the guitar will ultimately make the difference but in heavy rock music it tends to kill everything else. Try bringing it up last- maybe it will help.

  3. Dudes!!

    So not a comment on this episode (haven’t got to it yet) but I’ve been binge listening to ur podcast over a couple of road trips recently and I love it! Very entertaining and full of cool ideas to try. I love that it comes off as a conversation between you two – like you dudes were on the road with me. Will def be joining Dueling Mixes when I get back.

    – Will

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