Episode #40 – Lessons Learned from a 1-Hour Mix

In this episode, Graham shares three big lessons he learned from doing his 1-hour mix over on The Recording Revolution. And Joe shares how he shaved 30 minutes off his mix time.

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Graham Cochrane – www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
Joe Gilder – www.HomeStudioCorner.com

3 thoughts on “Episode #40 – Lessons Learned from a 1-Hour Mix”

  1. As always THANKS Joe and Graham for what you do. Great podcast. I did the one hour mix challenge. It helped me so much to focus on just what a mix needs instead of what I think should be done to every track. And less plugins = more separation. I think this would be a Great way to start off any mix, and then go back and deal with any issues that you fell need attention.

  2. Templates are something I’ve only recently started using. I have to agree that they save so much time! Often by the time you have organised everyone the inspiration or motivation to mix has gone, so it makes sence to start a mix by mixing.

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