Graham Cochrane –

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and performer based out of Tampa, FL. He provides remote recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services to clients worldwide through his service Mobile Studio Plus.

After studying recording and music production in college, Graham went on to be a lowly engineer in a $5 million studio, do sound design for a Fortune 500 software company, and has since become a freelance producer and consultant.

Also, as the founder of Graham’s articles and video tutorials have been featured worldwide by Avid, Presonus, Editors Keys, and Behringer to name a few.


Joe Gilder –

Joe runs the popular recording website, where he shares a constant stream of content designed to help home studio recordists make better recordings.

Joe also studied recording technology in college. He worked for several years at Sweetwater Sound as a sales engineer before moving back to Nashville, TN, to dive back into more studio/music work. Joe does engineering, producing, mixing, mastering, and also studio work as a singer/guitarist.

You can check out his music at